Through April 2020

The use of Thinking Maps in Alleghany County schools continues to develop with a new collaboration between Sparta Elementary School, Communities in Schools of NW- NC, and Alleghany Writers. This new project is part of our commitment to support Alleghany County teachers as they implement Writing Across the Curriculum in the classroom.

Developing Alleghany Thinkers was initiated by parent request and designed to bring parents and children together to share these new tools for critical thinking and explore ways to use Thinking Maps as a family for the development of life-long thinking skills.

Photo (right):  Dr. Elaine Moretz and Dr. Melba Johnson will oversee the training sessions. Both are experienced educators and Dr. Johnson has previously led training for Alleghany teachers on Thinking Maps and their uses in the classroom. They are shown here with an example of the Spanish translations available.


Dr. Elaine Moretz and Dr. Melba Johnson


Thinking Maps Session

 Parents gathered to learn about Thinking Maps for everyday use. 


Thinking Maps Planning Team

 L-R: Elaine Moretz, Suzanne Irwin, Melba Johnson, Deb Clemens, Ginger Collins.